Discussion Group 2
Creativity in Mathematics Education

Seoul, Korea
July 8–15, 2012

Welcome to the web site for Discussion Group 2 of ICME-12! To help you navigate this page, click on our summary document to read the Key Questions which will guide the discussions.

Also, you may click on the title of a proposal to download it. (Please note that a few authors have yet to submit a final proposal, and so there may be nothing to download yet.)

Because of the short time frame, each author (one per paper) will have 3–5 minutes to make some brief opening remarks. The moderator will then facilitate the discussion from that point on.

Session 1: Tuesday, 5:00–6:30
Key Questions 1 and 2

Moderator: Emiliya Velikova

Abdonour, Oscar, Brazil. The role of analogies between mathematics and music in creativity in the context of mathematics education.

Dillingerova, Monika, Republic of Slovakia. Problems solved by gifted students.

Germanova, Zhaneta, Bulgaria. The method of middle values about proving inequalities between elements of the triangle.

His, Olja Ukraine. Identifying tomorrow's math superstars: test for mathematical creativity.

Kang, Wan, Byonggon Ahn, Jongsoo Bae, Sukyoon Paik, Mangoo Park, Kyounghui Lee, Dongwon Kim, and Whanchul Lee, Korea. Creativity and character education in Korean elementary mathematics textbooks.

Korenova, Lilla, Republic of Slovakia. The use of a digital environment for developing the creativity of mathematically gifted high school students. (Click here for the full paper.)

Meissner, Hartwig, Germany. Creativity in mathematics education.

Saul, Mark, USA. Teaching for creativity requires creative teaching.

Sheffield, Linda, USA. Preparing the next generation of innovators.

Session 2: Saturday, 5:00–6:30
Key Questions 3 and 4

Moderator: Vince Matsko

Galabova, Darinka, Bulgaria. The creativity of students as a function of the mathematics teachers’ competence in the implementation of the research approach.

Levenson, Esther, Israel. Tasks that may occasion mathematical creativity: one teacher's developing perspective.

Li, Yuwen, Dongmei Li, Xuemei Li, Lixia Wei, Bing Wang, and Lianbang Li, China. An experimental study on children's intellectual development.

Sholy, Joseph, Uganda. A qualitative study to find factors affecting mathematical creativity of secondary students in uganda.

Sviridovsky, Tatiana, USA. Mathematics teacher education: key to creativity in the classroom?

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